Water Control and Irrigation

Water Control Structures and Irrigation Components

Flashboard Risers

Full Riser

  • These flashboards riser are a great tool when incrementally flooding or draining waterfowl impoundments
  • Easy installation
  • Constructed of high quality polyethylene, which will withstand sub-zero temperatures without cracking or breaking
  • Boards allow easy water level management
  • Permanently installed flashboard risers permit landowners to flood green tree reservoirs, moist soil impoundments, soybean and rice fields to provide excellent wintering waterfowl habitat
  • Prevents costly erosion of topsoil
  • Improves water quality in local watersheds
  • Steel powder coated frames provide stability and a high quality finish that is resistant to outdoor conditions
  • Anchors on frame keep risers in place
  • Cost share approved

Riser Specifications are as follows:

Height Width Discharge
24” x 18” x 6”, 8”, 10”
36” x 30” x 12”, 15”, 18”, 20”, 24”
36” x 42” x 18”, 20”, 24”
48” x 30” x 12”, 15”, 18”, 20”, 24”
48” x 42” x 18”, 20”, 24”
72” x 30” x 12”, 15”, 18”, 20”, 24”
72” x 48” x 24”, 30”, 36”

Full Round Risers
  • Best use where problematic animals are present a.k.a. MR. BEAVER!
  • Five Oaks Wildlife Services highly recommends installing the full round riser in green tree reservoirs
  • Constructed from the same high quality polyethylene as the Flashboard Risers
  • Lockable lid allows security of water management
  • Structure is enclosed from all external elements that could be encountered in the field
  • Same sizes as the Flashboard Risers are available

Half RiserHalf RiserHalf Riser

Flap Gates

  • Constructed with quality materials and has a powder coated bracket to ensure a long life
  • These flap gates prevent water from backing into your fields, pond, moist soil impoundment, or green tree reservoir.
  • No drilling required for installation

Beaver Guards
  • No Drilling required for installation
  • Powder coat finish for years of service
  • Prevents beavers from entering pipes and preventing water flow
  • Drainage of fields and waterfowl impoundments is critical for management


  • Screw gates are an excellent tool for managing water in Irrigation Systems
  • From waterfowl management to irrigation water delivery systems where large volumes of water are used screw gates are the ticket
  • Designed for use on canal and pipeline systems with low “head”
  • Stem operated from a lift nut at top of frame
  • Wedge blocks ensure a tight seal between gate and pipe


N-12 Dual Wall Pipe

  • Constructed from high density polyethylene
  • High impact resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Outperforms and outlasts concrete and steel
  • Anticipated life of over 70 years
  • Unaffected by soils with pH ranges from 1.5 to 14
  • Wide Variety of uses
  • Works perfectly with all other drainage products


  • Tees
  • Stop erosion of roads and ditches
  • Connect two adjacent pipelines


  • Redirect a pipeline 90 degrees


  • Quick and easy way to connect two joints of ADS pipe or ADS fittings