Tree Nursery

Tree Nursery

Great Wildlife Habitat begins by Selecting Superior Plant Materials

The varieties of seedlings grown at FIVE OAKS WILDLIFE SERVICES Tree Nursery are perfect for reforestation efforts when restoring wetland sites or mitigation areas, landscaping your wildlife food plots, or planting in your yard for a shade tree. The seeds are collected from within this climate zone assuring the correct genetic composition to withstand and endure harsh environments. The trees are grown using a method that increases the lateral root production, which supplies the tree with water and nutrients. With the increased lateral root production comes a healthy vigorous tree able to survive stressful out planting beyond that of bare root seedlings. These trees were originally developed to be used in Green Trees Reservoir’s reforestations efforts. They can be used in savanna restoration or wetland restoration when planting bare root seedlings is not feasible. Since 1998 tens of thousands of the trees have been planted on properties across the southern United States.

Survival rates have been over 90% as well as advanced growth rates above and beyond that of bare root seedlings in the early years of establishment. The advanced root system also allows for longer planting periods ranging from October to May in the south which increases the opportunity to plant on extremely wet restoration sites. The ability to fall plant also allows the root-stock to set and allows the tree to get a jump-start in the spring. In ideal conditions we have had a bald cypress produce a seed ball at the end of the second year in the field and a Sawtooth oak to produce acorns in as few as four years. Whether you want to landscape your yard or improve your wildlife property, the Five Oaks Super trees will work for you.

Plant List

White Oak

Southern Red Oak

Delta Post Oak

Water Oak

Nuttall Oak

Willow Oak

Pin Oak

Overcup Oak

Shumard Oak

Bur Oak

Swamp Chestnut (Cow) Oak

Cherrybark Oak

Sawtooth Oak

Blackjack Oak

Common Persimmon

Sweet Pecan

Black Walnut

Bald Cypress

Bicolor Lespedeza

Trees are offered in 3 gallon, 15 gallon, 35 gallon, and 75 gallon containers. Trees can be delivered and professionally planted. Contact us today for a price quote and availability today to start planning your improved wildlife habitat. Click an image below to view our trees offered.