Wildlife Forage

Golden Millet

GG-102 was developed in 2002 by Five Oaks Investments, LLC near Stuttgart, Arkansas. Stuttgart has for many years been regarded as the “Rice and Duck Capital of the World”. The product was developed to be used as a tool to set back succession in moist soil impoundments (duck ponds) and to grow as a second crop post harvest for wintering waterfowl in agricultural fields.

GG-102 Millet will improve your waterfowl habitat and can be used to provide forage for many other upland game birds such as quail, pheasant, dove, and turkey.

GG-102 Millet will flourish in fields, sloughs, timber holes or almost anyplace where forage or wildlife feed is needed.

Planting Rate

20-25 lbs/acre when broadcast seeded
12-25 lbs/acre when drill seeded
Use 13-13-13 fertilizer to maximize the wildlife forage production of this millet. This fertilizer application rate can vary based upon the results of your soil test.

Planting Instructions

Best in early spring and early fall when the weather is cooler and moisture is more reliable. Plant following the last winter frost, through September 1 and allow 70 to 75 days from planting to maturity. Soil pH levels should be in the range of 5.5 -7.0.

  • Shallow planting (less than ½ inch) is necessary for stand establishment because of the small seed size and shallow rooting.
  • Broadcast seeding with a 4-wheeler, tractor or airplane on a prepared seedbed and irrigating (flushing) adequate rainfall for germination is required for stand establishment.
  • A minimum rate of 100 lbs per acre (this amount may vary) of 13-13-13 fertilizer will help maximize the grain production. Fertilization rate can vary based upon the results of your soil test.
  • Supplemental irrigation may be necessary after the stand is established to provide moisture for the growth and development of the millet, especially in later plantings. Golden Millet is a strong re-seeder second growing season if the waterfowl impoundment is drained slowly during the first 45 days of the growing season.